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The first peak in the southeast, beautiful Pugong mountain

Pugong mountain

Zhang Shangying 〔Song dynasty〕

The withering grass in yepi meets the barren City, and the light is too clear for thousands of miles. If you don't make friends with the mountains, you will naturally be towering on all sides.

Even because of the official's body, it is getting farther and farther, and the dust eyes are more bright. Asked the knee line no place, ferry crescent boat cross.


The famous mountains are rejuvenated, and the clear water shows a new look. The concept of ecological civilization makes Pushan and huaishui a good place for people's leisure and health preservation and a new economic growth point of Xi county. Adhering to the open and selfless mind of Pushan and Huaihe rivers, and relying on the ecological and beautiful endowment of the land, puhuai children are making great strides forward on the road of common prosperity and starting a new journey!


Phase I of pugongshan mine park has been completed, and 16 scenic spots such as Tianchi, Bulao spring, Dishui cave, gongcui Pavilion, Dongpo Pavilion, ancestral temple, peach blossom Valley, glass plank road, general square, Dongpo thatched cottage, the first peak in the southeast, geological museum and new era civilization practice center have been opened to the outside world.


The Jiuqu trestle lies across the Tianchi Lake, a dark green pool that complements each other; The mountaineering plank road is attached to the mountain, hidden by green trees; Unique dripping hole, thrilling glass plank road